Timing…is Everything

In Education by Dawn Dolan

While time marches on and time waits for no one, what you should be thinking about is the insanely small amount of time it takes to get your real estate license. If you are like your friends and neighbors, you are undoubtedly thinking about how you could make some extra money and have more free time to do what you love and are passionate about! Vacations, weddings, college tuition payments, a new boat, and maybe even that new car you hope to buy costs money, and becoming a real estate agent may help you realize your goals. The real estate industry has been lucrative for centuries. All evidence points to the continuing growth of the economy and housing market well into the future.

While there are hills and valleys, that is, the housing industry moves up and down, it has always rebounded even stronger. We are in an upswing right now, with Forbes Magazine (online) of January 3, 2018 noting “…underlying demand [for housing] should remain strong after the best year [2017] for wage growth since the recession. Pent up demand from renters who have been unable to find suitable homes to buy also means the lid won’t stay on for long.”

Forbes goes on to note that low levels of available houses have driven bidding wars and created a very hot American housing market.  In a recent April 7, 2018 article by Gord Collins, US housing market expert, he reports, “It’s an unusual spring market given the growing purchasing power of home buyers in low to mid-market prices. That makes it a great market for those looking to sell their current home to trade up to a better one.”

In 2018 alone, 578 people have decided to changes their lives at Inland Real Estate School.  Timing really is everything, and we are here to help you think this through. There are 52 weeks in a year, and in just 2.5 weeks you could have your real estate license pre-requisites finished.

So think; for a time investment of 4% of the waking hours of a year, you can be on your way towards your real estate license.  So make this your time to shine.