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Broker Post-License

As a newly licensed broker, prior to your first renewal, you are required to complete a 30 hour post-license course. The focus of this program is to reinforce your understanding and knowledge of critical topics that affect your relationship with and representation of the consumer.

The program consists of two stages:

15 Hour Topics

Home study

Now that you have experienced the industry, assisting clients and customers achieve their objectives. It’s time to look once again at the basic tenants of the law and how they work into your daily activities. The post license program was designed by the State to use the information which you have gained from your practical experiences over the last 2 years and re-apply it to the law. Together we take the theory of the law and contrast the complexity and simplicity as it impacts real estate and the consumer.

The 15 hour topics program is completed as a home study component which allows students to schedule their progression to fit their lifestyles and personal obligations. The topics portion must be completed within 60 days from the date of registration. Completion not only includes working through the material, but also successfully completing 3 online practice exams as well as a 25 question proctored final exam with a minimum score of 75%.

15 Hour Interactive

Classroom or Live Webinar

The 15 hour interactive portion must be completed in a live classroom or web-based interactive environment providing for two-way communication between students and instructor. Participants interact together to apply the theoretical aspects of the law learned during the 15 hour post-license topics course to selected case studies. Through the use of near-life scenarios, the student gains a deeper understanding of the original intent of the law and the direct impact to the consumer. At the conclusion of the interactive component, a 25 question proctored final exam will be administered that must be completed with a minimum score of 75%.

Please choose your preferred instructional method below, we are ready to assist you in your real estate journey and to welcome you into our Inland Real Estate School family in our Post License course to help you get started and then into our Continuing Education family for the rest of your career![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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