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Series 22 Exam Classroom Prep



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Series 22

The Series 22 license is required when dealing in Direct Participation Programs (DPP) such as a 1031 exchange. This license is necessary to earn a commission on the purchase and sale of DPP’s, including 1031 exchanges, cattle breeding, race horses syndication, movie syndication plus a number of other investment opportunities sold to the consumer in incremental investments. The license and its requirements are administered through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This program encompasses the essential principles, regulatory requirements and components that are incorporated in the FINRA examination. The Series 22 exam prep course is designed to provide support for candidates preparing for FINRA’s qualification examination.

Topics for the Series 22 exam include:

Regulation of Direct Participation Programs
Tax Issues Applicable to Direct Participation Programs
Offering Practices Applicable to Direct Participation Programs
Investment Entities for Direct Participation Programs
Types of Direct Participation Programs
Factors to Consider in Evaluating Direct Participation Programs

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