Use Your Passion to Develop an Expertise

In Professional Life by Dawn Dolan

Within the real estate industry, there are many opportunities to develop an expertise.  If you are just getting started, it may feel overwhelming to thank about all the options and try to make a decision. However, just as you would pick a lawyer or doctor based on their specialty and what you need taken care of, real estate agents can become very successful by marketing their own expertise. Could you miss out on those unsure yet about what they want in a new house? Perhaps. Will your specialty knowledge appeal to a potentially higher quality of client? Undoubtedly.

House equipped with a ramp

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your special talent? Everyone has an interest, focus, or expertise that not only provides monetary gain, but more importantly, provides self-satisfaction. If you’ve been in the real estate industry for a while, you may have already identified it. If you are just starting out, do a self-check every six months to see what has stood out for you as fun or interesting, or what your clients have repeatedly commented on as a skill you possess.
  • Could the characteristics I possess be used to help others in their life quest? Your qualities are unique, and could potentially help someone in search of a particular home enough to impact their life in a real way.
    • Do you understand ADA rules, and can help handicapped home searchers?
    • Are you a life-time horse lover, and could become an expert in equestrian properties?
    • Are you parents/aunt/uncles/ grandparents/best friends farmers, and you love helping people find a half acre of land so they can garden and have chickens?
    • Did you grow up on a lake, and understand about lake properties enough to help guide folks through that maze?

      Equestrian Specialization

A little self-exploration can go a long way! Identifying what you are good at within the real estate world can be a way of giving back to many people who want a better life but not have the knowledge or the means of finding it. Your knowledge of the real estate market and, for example, the various strategies for financing could make the difference if someone rents or owns. Real estate is not just an industry to sell property!