Pick the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle: Classroom/Webinar, Home Study or Online

In Education by Dawn Dolan

Education has changed with the onset of new technologies. When considering how you are going to get your real estate license, taking the required courses need not present you with extra challenges, that you probably don’t want or need. Being able to choose the best method for you to be successful at your studies, can alleviate unnecessary stress. Let’s walk you through the options we offer at Inland Real Estate School, Inc. and the benefits to each method.

A classroom setting is certainly more traditional, and many prefer the structure of coming to a physical place where they are not distracted, and then can focus all their energies on the materials.

Live Webinars are offered for each of the classroom presentations, which can allow you to have the feel of a classroom, but participate in the comfort of your own home or at work, allowing you to avoid traffic and commute time.

Prefer a book and written materials to work through at your own pace? We have all course materials for you to do a home study, making this a great option if you are comfortable creating your own notes and outlining the chapter following the syllabus we provide. We’re still here if you have questions; just call or email.

Fully embracing technologically-driven education? Our course is also offered fully online, with the book online, and you can work through the materials at your own pace from your home computer.

We offer many choices for our students as we know life happens, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your new career! We try to give you all options, so are successful in your coursework.

Whether you learn better in a physical classroom or working through the materials on your own, Inland Real Estate School, Inc. can guide you through the coursework needed to test for your Illinois Real Estate Broker or Managing Broker License. We’re here for you when you need us!