Make Your Best Impression

In Professional Life by Dawn Dolan

According to, to make an impression means to produce a positive memorable effect on someone while one is present. It is hard, and we humans are not great at it, but do consider this issue from the point of view of someone looking from the outside.

When you meet with a seller, they are already ready to engage you or they wouldn’t have reached out, so the stage is set for a positive interaction. Make sure that you present your best self. Wear neat, tidy and appropriate clothing. True, you must judge the client’s level of formal-ness, but as an example, better to have a suit jacket on, then take it off and roll up your sleeves if the situation warrants it. A formal or less-formal client wants you to represent their interests, and so being a good model for this is truly a deal-gaining strategy!  Translated into a few quick take-away notes:

  • They say your best impression is your first impression
  • People tend to judge you initially by what they experience in the first few minutes of a meeting
  • Design your marketing pieces to project the image you want people to take away
  • Live up to that image

Always remember that you are a professional.  We at Inland Real Estate School, Inc. are excited to be training our students to be superlative representatives of our industry. So remember, just as clients have choices in the lawyers, accountants, and other professionals they use in their lives, they choose us!

So project to them that you are the best professional they could have chosen to represent their interests.  Your clients deserve it and so do you! The best realtors get many referrals, and so being the best you can be is actually working smarter. So always remember to be your very best you!