How To Declutter Your Home The Eco-Friendly Way

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By guest blogger Natalie Jones There is a link between clutter and stress, anxiety, and decreased productivity, so there’s never been a better reason to clean up your house. But considering the average American tosses 4.4 pounds of trash every day (not including a purge session), the entire country racks up 728,000 tons of garbage on the daily. Sadly, about …

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Settling In: Tips for Moving in Quickly and Efficiently

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By Guest Blogger: Natalie Jones of HomeOwnerBliss Moving into a new home can take some time, and unfortunately for many families without a good plan, it can take weeks or months to fully settle in. Not only is there unpacking to do, but there are also decorating choices to make, decisions about furniture arrangement, things to put together, and getting used to …

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How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Affect Your Business

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Join Chris Bird for this month’s timely RealXperts webinar, covering important issues that impact the business of Real Estate that were included in the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (12/22/17). Specifically, Chris will review changes to the Real Estate Tax Deduction for the Principal Residence, the new limitations on the Home Mortgage Interest deduction and the …

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Scholarships: Fund Your New Career!

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Looking for a scholarship to fund your new Real Estate Career?Googling will provide additional assistance as well. Oftentimes local credit Unions provide personal and lifestyle loans as well to those who qualify, that can be used as well. Here are some options: Illinois Real Estate Education Foundation- Illinois Real Estate Education Foundation scholarships are intended to help qualified individuals pursue …