Advantages of a Career in Real Estate

In Professional Life by Dawn Dolan

Let’s talk about a few of the advantages of a career in real estate. Perhaps you are just starting to think about real estate as a career, but are wondering if it fits your needs.   Perhaps you were previously an agent, and are considering coming back to this career after time away. Maybe you thought about it and perhaps even started some classes in the past. Maybe you didn’t get the help you needed, so stopped before you finished.

Take Charge of Your Career

Whatever your reasons for considering a career in real estate at this point in your life, let’s discuss what we think are some of the top reasons this is a great career.

  • Control your own destiny

You decide when. You decide where. You decide how. Just like in Pretty Woman, you have the control over when you want to work. Have kids? Work around their schedule. Partner/spouse work late? Great, you can accommodate the work crowd that has to look at houses after work hours. Have an elderly parent you are helping? Your schedule is all up to you, which makes this one of the most flexible jobs you could have.

  • Set your goals rather than having them set for you

Need to make extra money for a new car? Want to put a nest egg away for children? Want a full-time, high-energy job? Being an agent allows for the whole spectrum of goal setting. You just have to set the goal you want to realize and go for it!

  • Unlimited source of compensation

Want to work 10 hours per week? Great. Want to work 60 hours per week? Make bank!

  • General satisfaction watching your clients

Whether your clients are looking for residential or commercial property, achieving their goals and knowing that you helped them all brings great satisfaction your work life

We think this profession beats most others, hands-down, for all the reasons laid out above. As a licensed real estate agent, you are your own boss, and can make this a full or partial career to fit your life goals and your lifestyle!