Licensing Reciprocity

Illinois has established contractual affiliate relationships with certain States below that have an EDUCATIONAL LINK filled in below and next to their specific location for: general State License “Reciprocity” or “Mutual Recognition”, etc., etc., etc. Many States call it a different name, which is listed specifically under the State Agency link, named …. (fill in this blank with that state name, then ) “Information Direct.” Most say, “Reciprocity Specific Information Direct,” but again, each State uses their own title for it. (See below for example)

Those States that do not have a course link provided below, as indicated, do not have courses approved for their State to share, or so we have not found, so provided is the link toCompuCram when available. We will continue to check multiple affiliates and will update their postings as they are created.

Inland Real Estate School is pleased to offer: CompuCram and prep courses below to help assist you in passing the State tests for the State’s below, and will continue to be your ONE-STOP-SHOP, for Continuing Education (CE) once you are Licensed (still waiting on approval for WI for CE). Individual States do not require you to take a course before you take their State exam, but if you do not take a course, which reviews all steps to submit to that State and gives you the State specific information and costs associated, the leg work is on you to follow the Direct Links provided below, and it makes passing another States test that much more difficult as all States have their specific Rules and Regulations on various topics, just as Illinois does.

In the States below in which we were unable to locate/affiliate, to acquire a State written and approved course, or were not able to get a State approved CompuCram study tool, we will suggest a top State specific book (we are still currently identifying the best book for you and will post them when we find them) that you may purchase for self study before you take the exam to give you the best opportunity to pass that States test and achieve your relative Reciprocity goals.

We are very excited to be your connection to meet any and all educational obligations required to qualify for a Nonresidency License and then complete the necessary Continuing Education with us online/on demand in all 10 States (just click on the Continuing Education link below). Should you have questions about licensing in other States, please contact the school office for assistance or email: or check qualification direct:

For More Information on the Requirements/Qualifications for a Reciprocal License, Please Review the Candidate Handbook from Illinois

Map With Links Coming Soon!